Visit an outstanding scientist---James Watson

October 10, 2018

Latest company news about Visit an outstanding scientist---James Watson

James Dewey Watson, one of the leaders of molecular biology in the 20th century, discovered the double helix structure of DNA with crick in 1953 (including the central law), won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, and is known as the "father of DNA".

Our manager Mr. Zhu deeply admired Mr. James for his achievements in biology and his contributions to mankind. When he learned that Mr. James had come to Shenzhen, he wanted to meet him and learn about the experience of interdisciplinary and cross industry R&D products.

“During the conversation, I can feel that Mr. James has a spirit of striving. He encourages our young generation to work hard in scientific research, never stop and create more brilliance.”

This is a very useful learning journey. We will bear in mind Mr. James's teachings.

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